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I use thick, vegetable tanned leather for all my holders. It has a tight surface grain and is very resistant to penetration by dirt. I oil each piece of a holder before assembly so that it has just the right saturation of natural oils to resist moisture and to keep it flexible. There are other types of leather such as Latigo that come in a wide array of colors. I have found that these types of leather look great at point of purchase but do not hold up well to the punishing environment that Scaffold Erectors and Iron workers work in. Note the picture to the right. Other leathers may work for “regular” Carpenters or Lathers who do not operate in areas with such high concentrations of dust, moisture and heat. My dyed leather eventually turns quite dark over a few years as the ultra violet reacts with the tanning agents. This being said I do offer all my leather items in black but at an increase of 15% for all leather items. California now prohibits the old school leather dye because of the airborne contaminates (good news for my lungs). The substitute allowed in California has very good penetration and gives a great appearance but is time consuming to apply. I give a surface application to all visible areas and then dip the pieces in the natural oil. Email me for details on pricing.