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Top left – A14 $27.00. Klein 5416T. The classic tunnel loop canvas bag.
Canvas bags are lighter than most leather bags but they do not last as long as leather bags.
Top right - A30 $43.00. Klein 5125. Canvas bag with leather back and leather details. THIS BAG ONLY FITS ON A 2 INCH BELT - ALL OTHERS ON THE SITE FIT A 3 INCH BELT
- Bottom left - A28 $37.00. Klein 5416TC. This is like the Klein 5416T; but it has the advantage of a draw string closure on the top.
Bottom right - A18 $45.00. “Scott’s bag” still in demand with old school SF Bay Area hands.
Dimensions of the opening are roughly 7” tall X 7” wide X 3 and ˝” deep.
Be sure to check out the A7 NAIL KEG and the new optional insert.
In the bottom row of the main page we also have the Klein Black bag, and the Klein OCTO bag.
Dont miss the best selling A8 bag in the top row.

ITEM # A14 $27.00; A30 $43.00; A28 $37.00; A18 $45.00