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This is one of our 10 best selling items. Side by side are access to your lineman pliers and your 9" torpedo level. Standard model has pliers to the right. "Pliers" means most 9" handle Klein®,and "Level" means Craftsman® or Empire® brand, 9" torpedo level. I put a special metal piece in the bottom of the pliers holder so that the pliers doesn't punch through in the first few years.
Unless specified to the contrary the level holder will be to fit the regular old Empire or Craftsman 9” torpedo level with the strip magnet. I do this even if you order the TL2 Ultra Mag Level. Why? If you lose your level you will need a new one “right now”. You’ll probably end up with a level larger than the Ultra Mag for at least a short amount of time. If you have a level like the Stabila # 25100 (only 2 magnets) or the Craftsman 39786 (3 magnets) let me know so I can make the holder the right size for your level. If you want me to make it smaller for the Ultra Mag let me know. Some do like it tighter. Some have given up on their Pliers and use the Knipex exclusively. If this is the way you operate mention "Nelson Style" in comments IF you order an S2 "Nelson" style means - Level to the left and Knipex to the right. This version is so popular that we try to keep it in ready stock.

ITEM # S2: $70.00