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Light weight (about 1 pound) reversable, through socket wrench. Fits 7/8" AND 3/4" nuts. Has a through socket so it doesn't matter how long the bolt is. Made of high strength Vanadium tool steel, Socket body protrudes out enough to allow the handle to miss the clamp body. Tapered end is handy for numerous tasks. Comonly called "THE GONZO WRENCH" in the SF Bay Area.Sometimes called a "Flip Wrench" or a "Podging Wrench" called a "Hater" by the stage trade . Great for scaffold clamps and those many times we use 3/4" nuts. Tapered end is handy for pulling pins, adjusting ladder catches, aligning Shurlock, QES, Layher (wagon wheel) style systems, twisting wire ties etc. Now over 3,500 sold since 2008. ALSO FOR SALE at East Bay Welding, 5000 Blum Road, Martinez, CA 94553 (925-370-6700)

ITEM # T4: $60.00